In 2011 KLIK PAR d.o.o. applied for a grant award under the tender for increasing the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises. Among 1000 applicants, we were one of 50 small companies that was awarded a grant.

In June 2013, a grant contract of 249.575,92 EUR was signed with the Central Finance and Contracting Agency and the grant obtained from the EU amounted to 186.233,55 EUR in value or 74,62%, while the rest was financed from our own funds.

The following specific objectives, as stated in the application to tender, were to be achieved with the start of the project in 2011:

  1. Increase in the company’s competitiveness through purchase of new equipment and consequently the increase in final product value
  2. Contribution to local community development and creating new jobs
  3. Providing motivation and incentive to other small entrepreneurs to apply for EU funds regardless of the extent of bureaucratic and administrative demands


Today, almost 3 years later, from the day of application to the tender, the investment was made in Kutina and the new equipment, wood dryers and a biomass boiler were procured through an international open tender.

5 new employees were employed which is of great importance to Sisak-Moslavina County and the City of Kutina which currently has 6000 unemployed at present. The arrival of KLIK PAR d.o.o. to Business Zone Kutina II contributed to an increase in interest from other investors for building land in Zone II.

The path was long, hard and still remains uncertain, but the important thing is that the given objectives are achieved. Now we are working on new assignments.

KLIK PAR d.o.o., would like to express its gratitude, foremost to CFCA (Central Finance and Contracting Agency) and MINPO (Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Craft) as well as to the government of the City of Kutina, for the given support during project implementation. THANK YOU